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Let’s face it, you are looking for an agency because you have a problem with your marketing and you need help. We are in the business of providing solutions! Our first step is to create a customized plan based on your specific goals and objectives. Then we will recommend which of the vast array of digital marketing options could be right for you. Digital advertising, social media marketing, email marketing, SEO, and analytics are all components of Digital Marketing Services. However, before you spend money on tactics that may or may not be right for you, we need to know what makes your products and services special.

Here is a selection of case studies from our clients and campaigns. Each of them is trying to do something different and to help them, we evaluated what they had to offer the market and then applied the best tactics and tools to meet their objectives.

Case Study:

Content Marketing

A fictitious character is the spokesperson and brand for a new series of books.

Angela Hanson is the main character in a new series of books.  Since the series is about an ambitious female character, it was most effective to use Angela as the brand.  We created a content marketing campaign with videos on YouTube, Instagram posts, stories, and reels that showcased Angela’s glamorous life with designer fashion, travel related content and specific campaigns meant to drive followers, engagement, and profile views.  With a budget of $20/day we promoted the “Ask Angela Anything” advice campaign and a revenge stories series for Valentine’s Day.  Profile views were between 100 – 190/week and followers increased 30% in the first four weeks. 

As a former ad agency creative director and brand marketing chief at a Fortune 500 company, I was impressed with McKinney Media Group’s data-driven approach to brand positioning, audience segmentation, and communication strategies. In an industry where people routinely go blindly on gut (or less!), this agency combines market-based insights with instincts born of deep experience to craft a digital brand identity and marketing plan that are executed against an informed view of the consumer.

Glenn Kaplan, Author

Glenn Kaplan, Author

Case Study:

Media Relations and Film Marketing

Launch the streaming version of The Bay of Silence on iTunes in the UK market.

We developed, implemented, and managed a digital marketing campaign to promote the UK streaming release of the independent film The Bay of Silence. Advertising utilizing Google and Meta platforms enabled us to target specific audiences. Our design strategy was to incorporate different clips and versions of the movie trailer along with smart copy to tell a provocative story about the femme fatale. We engaged audiences by appealing to empathy and emotional cues, and generating suspense. The film debuted in the top 10 on iTunes in the UK.

The digital landscape has given power to independent creators who want to be heard in their domestic markets and on a global scale.

Claire McKinney, PR & Marketing Expert

Claire McKinney


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